My “Cry” with other ravens

Sculpture "Cry" is being exhibeted on public exhibition "The Raven" in POU Nova Gradiška, along with other 19 magnificient authors.

There is also a video about exhibition that you can watch.

Ana Hercigonja Gutschy, fascinated by the raven's appearance, thematizes it in the contemporary context of general events, pandemics, uncertainty, fear, reminders of mortality and vulnerability, as a bird with human gestures. Its stylized raven made of black smooth plates cut into triangles of different sizes is grounded like a bird, does not fly, stands on the ground in a position to fight the invisible enemy, screams (open beak in a dislocated position - the beak is accentuated with glitter) and cries for its own existence and nature. The shape is solid and does not suggest the possibility of an imminent raven flight.

Artist Ana Hercigonja Gutschy