I was born and live in Zagreb, Croatia, and been interested in art since childhood. After I graduated from School for Applied Arts and Design, studying Art History made a deep impact on my work, and more often I began to have a more conceptual approach. Based on the concept I choose media type and how to express it, however never losing interest in aesthetics.

I love to experiment and explore the world, the art, and myself. For me making art is like never-ending play and way to express thoughts and emotions, conscious and subconscious.

Themes in my works are often around philosophy, relationships, humor, contradictions, and values in society and art itself. I think a lot, feel a lot, and try to escape overplanning in making art and let the process, in which I am not in total control, take over.

I work in various art mediums and techniques like painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, art installation, and mixed media.


1996.-2000. School of Applied Arts and Design, Zagreb
2000.- 2007. Art History and Pedagogy at Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Zagreb

Solo exhibitions:

2016. „Stylistic launguage No. 871“, Vojnić
2013. „I always long for the background of everything“ , Atelier Lučko, Zagreb
2008. “1.”, Galery of Group 69, Zagreb

Group exhibitions with Group 69 (Zagreb, Hrvatska Kostajnica, Lovran, Varaždin, Krapinske Toplice, Rab, Ozalj, Valpovo)