Artist’s territory No.6

This is the sixth piece in a series of paintings in Artist Territory. This art also resembles a round-shaped land and is made of styrofoam with a plaster and acrylic paste coating coloured with silver colour. Unlike other territories, this one in the centre has the word “searching”. With this one Ana wanted to express how art is a constant search and discovery.

The inspiration for this territory came from a squeezed silver acrylic paint that I was using for Birds and wires. As the paint was coming out of the tube it started to fold in the circle forming a rounded shape and I knew what my next territory would be 🙂

Artist territory is the series of paintings that in the centre of the concept has art itself and the artist’s work. Each territory is like a map of individual territory representing freedom of the spirit and creation. Surfaces are abstract textures and shapes of territories that remind us of maps of actual countries or allude to terms that can be connected with artistic creation and question the phenomenon of the art process.



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Weight 3100 g
Dimensions 78 × 70 × 4 cm


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