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Raw edition

Set of 6 images each with dimensions 11,8×11,8 in (30 x 30 cm). They are packaged separately so they can be combined in various compositions.

The starting point for this series of paintings comes from exploring the creation of works of art in series, in a stylistically, ideally and technically connected set of works. As such it can be combined as a whole and an exhibition can be made.

This is my experimental, first and deliberate painting that way. Focusing on creating a series of images that are immediately visible in the same series, I reduced the elements such as format, colour, technique and motif to repetition and as far as the creative part is concerned, I focused only on compositional variations, trying to examine how much I could make and how many creative possibilities to create after the first picture remains. In a way, it is also a question of the traditionally appreciated style recognition of an individual artist.

If we constantly vary the same motives, style, colour, what is the creative share of artistic creation and growth? Doesn’t it just become a reworking of what has already been created?

The paintings are 11,8×11,8 in (30 x 30 cm) in size and painted with acrylic on canvas. The motif is the red body of a woman with a black contour and a black surface at the point of her hair. The red body of the woman as focus and intensity is surrounded by a blue, green and yellow surface that turns orange. Symbolically, it is a female act surrounded by “raw” phenomena (green – land, blue – sea, yellow – sun). Further levels of reading can penetrate a series of erotic-themed acts, again something basic, “raw”, natural, and constant.

Contrasting with simple compositions and evenly coloured surfaces, the black leakage traces introduce an element of spontaneity and dimension to the moment a single image is created.

I leave this series of images permanently open to add new ones, depending on how many compositional variations I will create, which is the original concept.


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Weight 2200 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 2 cm




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